Saturday 28 Feb 2015

It has been a very busy last month for athletics with State Multi event, Knox Open Day and EMR championships. Bayswater Bullets athletes have been represented at all these events and done very well.  Several of them have now progressed onto the State Championships and we wish them all the best of luck.

We have our Knox Championships coming up towards the end of March and we have most of our athletes entering which is fantastic!

Today’s athletics meet saw our athletes once again performing well and having a great time.  It is so nice to see all their happy faces when they come to record their results.  I had many of them asking today how many PB’s they now had so the PB tally as of 28 Feb 2015 is as follows:

Girls U 6 Lily 6
Boys U/6 Toby 3
Boys U/7 Zack 20
Girls U/8 Laura 11
Boys U/9 Dale 21
Girls U/9 Elise K 36
Boys U/10 Thomas 19
Boys U/10 Zane 13
Girls U/10 Elise C 30
Boys U/11 Joel 17
Girls U/11 Isabelle 3
Boys U/12 Troy 22
Boys U/12 Jack 5
Boys U/13 Matthew 22
Boys U/13 Joshua 16
Boys U/13 Benjamin 14
Boys U/13 Luke 8
Boys U/13 Nathan 5
Girls U/13 Isabella 3
Girls U/14 Natalia 10
Boys U/15 Adam 25
Boys U/15 Brad 27

See you all next week!




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