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Bayswater Bullets Little Athletics Club Info

Little Athletics

It’s fun

Children like fun; more than that, children need fun. Little Athletics Saturday morning or Friday twilight competitions provide it. With a wide range of running, walking, throwing, jumping and play training events.

It’s for fitness

Not only is Little Athletics a whole lot of fun, its also a great way to keep fit. A healthy body means an alert mind and greater resistance to many physical ailments. Also, a child who learns how to keep fit in youth is more likely to stay fit for life.

It’s for the family

Little Athletics is more than fun and fitness. It’s a family movement that promotes family participation. It’s a real chance for Mum, Dad, other family members to do things together regularly. Parents are involved as voluntary helpers and officials at athletic events. Any boy or girl of 6 to 16 years of age can register to join Bayswater Bullets.

Club School Catchment Area

Club allocation is generally arranged by geographic location of the athletes school. However, club allocation is not mandatory and all athletes are entitled to select and join a club of their choice. Schools in the Bayswater Bullets catchment area are Bayswater Primary School, Bayswater South Primary School, Bayswater North Primary School, Bayswater West Primary School and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School.


The Summer Track and Field Season runs from October to March on either Friday nights or Saturday mornings.

Saturday Mornings:    8:30am to 12 noon

Friday Nights:    6:00pm to 9:30pm.  Bayswater Bullets provide free BBQ food at these twilight meetings for our club parents and athletes.

Under 6 generally finish around one hour earlier than the above times

The Winter Cross-Country Seasons runs from April to August in various parks around the City of Knox on Saturday mornings starting at 9:00am and finishing around 11:00am.

Share in the experiences with your children

Little Athletics is more than a sport. It is community orientated organisation which enables a family to do something together. Unlike other sports where most parents only have a spectator role, parents are involved in the program as voluntary helpers or officials and share many experiences with the children. Little Athletics provides a vital communication bridge between parent and child which can have benefits far beyond the years spent at the Knox Centre.

The average Little Athlete

Not all competitors can be champions. This applies to all sports. Little Athletics was quick to recognise this and accept a responsibly to preserve the interest and rights of all members. There is of course, an obligation to the talented child who may wish to continue in sport. That obligation is not met at the expense of the average little athletes who are by far, the majority. All participants are encouraged to support the philosophy of IMPROVEMENT, rather than winning.

Club Colours and Uniform

Breathable orange singlet with black sides and black trim on both arms and neck. Black “Bayswater Bullets” logo on back with same logo but smaller on front left upper side. Black shorts. Runners must be worn for all competition. Spikes can be worn by Under 12’s and above in laned events only and jumps. The Registration Patch is placed on the front, held by small safety pins. A club uniform is compulsory to compete at the Knox Centre including plain black shorts with current registration patch attached on the front.

In the hotter months,  please use a long sleeve top and wear a hat/cap in between events to protect against the sun . A bottle of sunscreen will be located on the Team Managers table for use.


The children gain result details of their events which are written or printed on tickets. These are kept in a booklet so every athlete can see how they improve over the season.

The Team Manager records the results of these tickets to keep a tally of the athletes progress for end of season awards.


All Children are encouraged to join. There is no specific program but welcome any enquiries to see how we can help.


General Track and Field training is held throughout the summer season on various nights and weekends and conducted by Coaches for all teams within the Knox Little Athletic Centre. The aim is to learn new skills, polish up old ones and generally improve performance. All U7 to U16 athletes are most welcome.

Parent Duty Rosters

All Officials are parents, just like yourself, and have volunteered their services. All clubs are required to supply officials for competition. For your convenience, you can choose 6 parent duty sessions out of the 18 competition days from the list on the Team Managers table. Three dates before Christmas and three after Christmas.

No experience is necessary as there are many experienced people at the Knox Centre who are happy to show new parents what is involved with a particular event.

Being actively involved in running of the program will enable you to gain knowledge about each event, socialise with other parents and shows your child that you support their athletic activities.

Without all the required Officials,  the full program cannot be run and your children will miss out on events,  as well as the program running longer than it should.

Please sign on for duty by 8:15am on Saturday mornings or 5:45pm Friday nights

Every club is also required to do Canteen duty twice this season.


We try to limit the amount of fundraising we do. To assist with end of season Trophies, Twilight BBQ’s & Presentation expenses we have the following fundraising activities:

Raffle Day and Cake Stall:  We ask parents to donate items for a Xmas hamper and for those not on duty, to assist on the Raffle table or sell tickets around the ground.  For the Cake Stall, we ask each family to bring a cake or a plate of cooked items. Please add a list of ingredients used.

Bunnings BBQ: This is held at Bayswater Bunnings and we require three people per two hour and a half hour shifts from 8:00am to 4:00pm


Little Athletics has two seasons:

The “Summer” Track and Field season from October to March.

The “Winter” Cross Country season from April to August.

There is no extra fee for doing the Cross Country season.