Competition Saturday 15th November 2014

This week was another great week for our Bayswater Bullets athletes with these great results:

3 PB’s-  Dale and Elise K

2 PB’s- Laura, Elise. C, Troy, Benjamin, Natalia, and Brad

1 PB- Zack, Matthew, Luke, Nathan, Isabella and Adam

PB Tally as at 15th November 2014

Boys U/7 Zack 10
Girls U/8 Laura 4
Boys U/9 Dale 14
Girls U/9 Elise K 16
Boys U/10 Thomas 7
Boys U/10 Zane 4
Girls U/10 Elise. C 14
Boys U/11 Joel 4
Boys U/12 Troy 7
Boys U/13 Matthew 10
Boys U/13 Joshua 7
Boys U/13 Benjamin 6
Boys U/13 Luke 4
Boys U/13 Nathan 3
Girls U/13 Isabella 2
Girls U/14 Natalia 6
Boys U/15 Adam 13
Boys U/15 Brad 14

Well done to everyone!

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