Competition 6th December 2014

We had cooler weather this weekend but our Bayswater athletes once again had great results.  It is wonderful to see all our athletes enjoying themselves and celebrating when they achieve a PB.

A couple of reminders:

  •  next week we have a Friday night twilight competition;
  • Knox Twilight Open Day entry forms are due back by 20th December which is our last meet this year.

PB Tally as at 6th December 2014

Girls U 6 Lily 1
Boys U/7 Zack 13
Girls U/8 Laura 8
Boys U/9 Dale 18
Girls U/9 Elise K 23
Boys U/10 Thomas 11
Boys U/10 Zane 7
Girls U/10 Elise C 17
Boys U/11 Joel 9
Girls U/11 Isabelle 2
Boys U/12 Troy 12
Boys U/12 Jack 2
Boys U/13 Matthew 12
Boys U/13 Joshua 11
Boys U/13 Benjamin 10
Boys U/13 Luke 4
Boys U/13 Nathan 5
Girls U/13 Isabella 3
Girls U/14 Natalia 10
Boys U/15 Adam 18
Boys U/15 Brad 18


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